When using the EFT Platform, please follow the following steps to raise an invoice profile.

The EFT process involves 4 steps:

Step 1. Deposit
Step 2. Recipient
Step 3. Summary
Step 4. Payment Instructions

Step 1. Deposit 

i. Select EFT Tools > Create New EFT Payment
ii. Select deposit country
iii. Select amount options
Option 1: Deposit amount (Excl. Fee)
Option 2: Withdrawal amount (Incl. Fee)
iv. Select recipient country
v. Include an invoice description

Step 2. Recipient

i. Include all particulars of where you want the funds to reflect

Step 3. Summary

i. Confirm all particulars and save recipient if you will be using again as a beneficiary.
ii. Transaction fee is payable separately if Option 1 in Step 1 section is selected, payable fee is included if Option 2 is selected.

Step 4. Payment

i. Once payment has been generated, EFT can be processed within specified time agreed as per terms and conditions.

The payment journey will be updated through a series of updates to the profile managers GloBee accounts.