GloBee recently completed its integration with Trezor; a secure hardware wallet that stores a user’s digital assets offline. 

Through this integration users can now purchase their secure hardware wallets using cryptocurrency.

Why Trezor?

Information online can be copied or stolen but with Trezor, coins, keys or passwords are stored offline. This enables users to make secure payments and manage cryptocurrencies without the risk of exposing sensitive information to a potentially compromised computer.

Trezor's latest device, The Trezor Model T, has raised the bar considerably with enhancements to security and additional functionality.

Some of the features of the new the Model T include:

  • Full colour touchscreen device
  • 3 primary recovery features; pin entry, passphrase entry and device recovery
  • 2FA (two factor authentication)
  • GPG (GNU Privacy Guard ) encryption
  • SSH (Secure shell) encryption
  • Password manager
  • Premium support

Trezor supports more than 500 coins and tokens with one of their latest additions being Monero (XMR). Privacy is a basic human right and it is one that GloBee takes very seriously so we love Trezor for giving their customers the ability to transact securely in a variety of coins. Another cool feature is that the Model-T’s firmware was written from scratch to further optimise security.

GloBee prides itself on providing customers with a reliable, inclusive and safe service to use - so integrating with what is considered the most feature rich hardware wallet to date just makes sense!

If you'd like to know more about getting your Monero on the Trezor Model T device, check out this article --->