GloBee’s POS Solution Alternative

Step 2

Enter your settlement options. You can choose between being settled Bitcoin, Monero, to your personal Bitcoin or Monero wallet or to your personal Luno, Uphold or Bitpay wallet.

Once this is done, choose the coins that you would like to accept. You can accept any coin that is available on GloBee. 


What are my settlement options

GloBee only settles in Bitcoin, Monero or to Luno, Uphold or Bitpay. However, should you wish to exchange to Fiat, you can utilise our integrated third-party exchange.

Getting Started with GloBee

Many of your customers are also wanting to pay in crypto - share how easy it is to buy crypto with their credit card via Uphold, powered by GloBee.

New Settlement Settings

With our new settlement settings we can now convert to a wider range of fiat currencies right to your bank account. From seven fiat currencies available to over twenty, we are constantly seeking to increase our reach.

I have a pending payment to do for the purchase of Trezor. How can I have it paid through Globee?

We have a couple of coins that we accept which are the Bitcoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Decred, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. Should you not have any of these coins you can purchase them online using your credit card from our integrated third-party exchange.


I would like to purchase a Trezzor through Globee. How can I do this?

Upon checkout on the Trezzor website you given an option to either pay in crypto or with a credit card using our integrated third-party exchange.

What is Globee all about?

Globee is a cryptocurrency payment processor. What that means, is if you want to sell things on your website, or invoice people and get paid in cryptocurrency, including : Bitcoin, Bitcoin over lighting,Monero, Litecoin, Decred,Dogecoin,Ripple and Ethereum; you can use GloBee to handle the payment process, and then settle successful payments in Bitcoin or Monero to your private Bitcoin or Monero Wallet, or to your personal Luno, Uphold or Bitpay wallet.


Do I need to have a Bitpay account to use Globee?

GloBee settles only in Bitcoin and Monero. Should you want to exchange your settlement to fiat, we can settle your Bitcoin or Monero into your personal Luno, Uphold or Bitpay wallet.


Can I pay with Credit or Debit card?

We only accept the following crypto coins : Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin and Decred; however, should you want to purchase these coins, you can do so via our integrated third-party exchange. 


Why is my account balance not being settled?

For more information about unsettled accounts in Fiat, please refer to BitPay's documentation at the following page: